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Charlotte NC metro-area Mobile Espresso Bar and Custom Baked Goods

Fresh Ingredients. Made to order. Designed with love.

Who are we?

The Coffee & CaKe Company, LLC is owned by Kristie Preslar and Cordia Schmidt. We’ve known each other for twenty years and have developed an insight into each other’s minds and how they work. We feel this is a great advantage when it comes to running a business together as relationship is key!

Our dreams for this business are two-fold. First, our goal is to become the number one provider of catered coffee and baked goods in our area. We look forward to providing your businesses, organizations, families, and friends with outstanding coffee and baked goods for events such as meetings, galas, receptions, conferences, reunions, etc. As this part of our business matures, we will continue to work towards our ultimate goal – a storefront to call our own!

Our business is currently mobile – meaning we come to YOU! As our business grows and matures, we will begin looking to make our home in a physical location with the goal of community members having a place to fellowship and enjoy our products. Our dream is for the space to be warm and inviting – a place where our patrons look forward to spending their time.

We are excited to bring you along on this journey and hope you are equally as excited to learn more about the products and services we offer.  Our goal is for your experience with the Coffee & CaKe Company to stick with you long after the sugar and caffeine highs wear off! 

Why Coffee and Cake?

Our answer is, why not?! We have taken our love for coffee (the whole experience), our love for making cake (along with other tasty treats), a strong desire to be our own boss and have molded them together to create a business! We have worked in a variety of places throughout our working career and have had numerous interactions (professionally and personally) that make us believe that we can blend a quality product and quality customer service into one unique business model.

We want to be a breath of fresh air in our community. Coffee is such a friendly drink, wouldn’t you agree? Some of our best moments are gathered around the table with friends and family, enjoying a good cup of coffee and lively conversation. One of the best things about coffee is its universality across so many cultures and its ability to bring people together. That’s what we hope to see through The Coffee & CaKe Company – relationships built, community strengthened, and bellies full of tasty treats! 


The Coffee and CaKe Company has chosen to work with Enderly Coffee due to their amazing taste and dedication to the community.


We custom-bake and hand-deliver bakery items your special event. Every cake pop, cupcake, and cake is made with attention to detail.


Check out our pricing page for standard pricing on coffee and bakery items. For custom orders, don't hesitate to reach out for a quote!


Ready to get started? Reach out to us about your next event.

We are looking forward to serving you during your next event. Our coffee and bakery catering services are available in the Charlotte NC and surrounding areas (we’ve delivered bakery goods and coffee bar services as far as Raleigh, NC). Let us know what the details of your event are below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.